PRC Sexual Torture of Falun Gong members

I am niot a practioner of Falun Gong, but I see threads and posts about it here frequently. Presented here is a compendium of stories about sexual, pyschological and physical torture meted out to Falun Gong members by the PRC government. It comes from their website. I have seen reference to this a number of times from other sources over yjr last few years, but never such a complete story as what is presented here. It is horrific. The PRC sadists appear to concentrate on the female members for prolonged sexual torture and humiliation. This trend has surfaced in several other areas of the world which have been visited by military atachees from the PRC. Judge for yourself
Torure methods used on Falun Gong members in PRC.

Due to the extreme nature I will not present an excert.
Please be advised - This is very graphic.

And these are the filthy scumsucking pieces of human shite to whom certain pro-China morons would gladly present their naked buttocks in exchange for a bit of money.
Makes TI look ever-more attractive.
But can’t you edit out the FLG reference in the title? Otherwise you’ll only attract the attention of Lizi118, who’ll start telling us all about levitation and the end of the world.

[quote=“sandman”]And these are the filthy scumsucking pieces of human shite to whom certain pro-China morons would gladly present their naked buttocks in exchange for a bit of money.
Makes TI look ever-more attractive.
But can’t you edit out the FLG reference in the title? Otherwise you’ll only attract the attention of Lizi118, who’ll start telling us all about levitation and the end of the world.[/quote]


I am surprised that some people have not come forward to accuse you of being anti-Chinese with your “pro-China morons” statement. Did you mean to say pro-Chinese government morons, or did you really mean to attack the whole nation due to the actions of a few people in the PRC? Just wondering.

I believe it is normal practice in English to refer to the government of a country by using the name of that country. People are constantly saying, “The United States does this or that” and obviously they don’t mean everyone in it. You know perfectly well what he meant.

pretty sick stuff.

The article seems to emphasize that it was Jiang’s personal crusade. Now that he’s stepped down or at least in the background, does the new guy have the same policy?

As far as information goes, this persecution is currently ongoing.

The information posted may be largely true – I don’t doubt that PRC stooges rape, torture and kill falundafites and other “undesirables” – but keep in mind that the posting comes from a biased source.

Biased sources are a concern of yours huh? I fully intend to keep this little quote very very handy. I guarantee you that you will be seeing more of your own words in the future. haha

Love Fred

Do you dispute that the Falun Dafa Information Center is a biased source of information concerning alleged atrocities committed against Falun Dafites?

Don’t forget, Fred, these are the same people who believe the world is doomed and only their leader, who comes from another planet, can walk through walls and lived in an ancient city under the sea can save them.

The identity of the source is clearly presented. No effort is madfe to indicate otherwise.
It is unreasonable to expect another group to have the same depth of concern about these actions.
If you have a dispute with the veracity of the information presented…what is it?
It doesn’t matter if these people worship the Easter Bunny and think Colonel Sanders is a prophet, that in no way lessens the horrible nature of these reported tortures committed on the members of Falun Gong by the PRC.
FG may not be the flavour of the day, but increased awareness of these activities gives indication to the true nature of the PRC.

Not to get into this old debate again MT but I find it amusing to see how quickly you rush to point out that this site is biased even though you admit that all the things it mentions are most likely true. I just wonder when you will be equally so quick to rush to defend say America and American foreign policy from posters who link to equally “biased” sites. That is all. I just find it funny. That is why I put the haha there. And yes, I will be sure to link to your quote each and every time that you fail to mention biased sources.

So how’s that book on Che Guevera coming along? I’d like to hear about your final conclusions. Did you see the movie yet? But then, I hear that even Hitler is being portrayed in a new more human light. I guess that is to be applauded since no one can or should be held accountable for their mistakes as long as they had noble “feelings” at the time. That makes it okay since the person “felt” that what they were doing was right. Or am I off the mark here?

Fred gets two demerits added to his file for bringing up Che without mentioning the fact that he was handsome. He was a handsome, handsome man. How you can talk about the subject without throwing that in I simply cannot understand. You wouldn’t discuss Mayor Ma without bringing up this point would you? I thought not.

Not off the mark but you sure are off-topic, laddie.

Che was also very spiritual. He felt things very strongly. He was a real feeler (just ask the Bolivian peasant women). He felt things strongly. He was greatly moved by his feelings for the poor and this was the source of strong feelings. When he felt strongly, he felt that he needed to act to express those feelings. That is why he felt that he was doing the right thing by executing all those people in the prison in Cuba. He felt badly about what it was they had allegedly done and so he felt that he had to do something about it. Later, he perhaps felt badly about it, but even though these people (many of them completely innocent) were dead, he was sure that they would feel his pain and therefore feel that he was within his rights to act because he felt so strongly about it. The fact that they were dead of course is something that everyone feels badly about but no one can blame Che because he was in touch with his feelings. And he felt strongly about them. Also, he was handsome and looks good on a t-shirt.

You’re way off target Fred. I don’t see what’s so objectionable about pointing out that the posted link is to a site run by a bunch of loonies (though I admitted that FD members are probably abused by PRC authorities). How that led to your irrelevant remarks is beyond me, but yes I am almost finished with the Che book and looking forward to reporting back on that in the proper thread when I find the time. As I suspected, you really know nothing about Che. . . but as I said, I’ll address that in the proper thread soon, when I find the time.

I am just teasing you MT. That is why I put the haha there and then when Hobbes made that funny comment, I just felt like responding further, but I will look forward to what you have found out about Che who was quite handsome you know. He also felt strongly about things. This reminds me of the old joke about Argentine men and how they commit suicide…they jump off their own egos. But I think you know what I mean. I was just surprised that’s all that you would find it necessary to point out the bias of this particular site. I am not disagreeing with you. I just found it something new to admire about your crusade for Internet honesty and I would like to sign up to this as well.

I feel sorry for all the hundreds of thousands of people the CCP fucks with every year. Many millions over the years who have done bugger all but be born into the wrong family, or speak their minds when asked to by the government. It’s still happening right now.

Should I feel extra sorry for the Falungong idiots, or less sorry than all the others the CCP has raped and tortured? I’m just not sure what the OP is getting at.

Che Guevera thought the CCP were heroes. He gloried them. You see Che was handsome but asthmatic. He felt strongly about poverty and injustice committed by the governments of Latin America at the time. (He felt strongly that everyone should be able to torture and abuse not just these governments). That is why he worked so successfully to spread torture and abuse around the world and even participated directly in it himself. I guess the CCP would be proud. I guess Hexuan that the answer you should take to your question about the purpose of this site is that when people “feel” strongly about things, a lot of people in countries ruled by communists die. Viva Che! Viva la Revoluccion! Viva la Gente! Bas Liberte! Bas Pace! Bas Democracia! Bas Capitalismo! Bas America!

He sure does, Fred.

Eighteen Layers of Hell: Stories from the Chinese Gulag (Global Issues (Asian Studies))
Harry Wu (Foreword), Kate Saunders … 92-6710819

This is an excellent book on what our Commie friends across the strait do to those they don’t like - long before Falungong. Grim reading. I read it on a bus trip in Yunnan in 1998. Strange contrast of lovely countryside, warm friendly people, great food and weather, and reading a book about the most horrible things imaginable going on right under your nose. There is a big labour camp in Shanghai, disguised as something else, a factory perhaps. Very surreal - looks like nothing from the outside.

Certain elements of the FLG are cultish - and my family has lost one relative to it who has gone basically do-lally and given all her money to the FLG (which is what all these cults and religions want). I’m no big fan of preying on disturbed or impressional people and peddling utter pap to them as a “religion”. However, they certainly don’t deserve to be presecuted and I do not understand why the CCP feels threatened by them.

Most of the people in the Eighteen Layers of Hell book had done very little warranting slowly torturing to death either. Plenty of this thing still going on. People posting stuff like this on the internet often mysteriously disappear. Human rights websites list their names - you can be sure they’re getting a similar time in the gulags.