PRC visitors to Taiwan II

If my wife (moving to Taiwan thread) cannot get residence in Taiwan, can she come to visit me on some kind of visitor’s visa? She doesn’t hold a passport from another country, so she would have to use her PRC passport.

I’m currently in China and I’m told that it’s possible for PRC people to visit Taiwan provided they “pay the fee”. Does anyone have experience with this?

Please see my comments in this FORUM under the “PRC visitors to Taiwan” topic.

In particular I must reiterate the following – In terms of a short term visit to the ROC area on a PRC passport, the vast majority of PRC citizens with no solid connections to Taiwan are not eligible to come at all. However, there are dozens of categories of PRC citizens who may get permission to come to Taiwan, and those categories do change from time to time. I suggest that you contact an ROC Overseas Office in Hong Kong, Manila, Tokyo, etc. for specific details on the current situation.

Regarding what constitutes “a solid connection to Taiwan” the current legal structure in the ROC only looks at “connections with ROC citizens”, at least in 99.9% of cases. A foreigner in Taiwan, even with legal work and residency rights, is not normally given any rights to bring a PRC spouse to Taiwan for cohabitation.