Pre 2-28 partying?

so yo i hear that this friday is a holiday…right…and so that would mean that thursday would be a good reason to have a lot of fun…right…

so where will peeps be on thursday night? TU? 2F? somewhere else? as a dude who’s been here for three weeks, i’d like to find where the party is hottest, the fun most intense, the energy electric and invigorating.

or at least someone nice to dance with…

one luv

You could go to the Oriented happy hour from 7 to 9 p.m. at Mr. Paco Pizzeria, No. 23, Alley 4, Lane 345, Section 4, Ren’ai Road. It’s about half way between the Ren’ai traffic circle and the Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall. Nearest MRT stops: Chunghsiao/Tunhua or Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall. Click here for details.


For this Thursday, head to Room18. There’s some good dj’s that night, it’s like a special party or something. It’s on the ground floor of Warner Village Cinemas.

Max Graham will be at 2F (the club)
He plays techno music.
800Nt at the door
He’s from Toronto

can someone explain to me how someone who spins records becomes a celebrity for just spinning records? I mean whatever happened to real musicians, people who MAKE music. A dj is just a dj, however cool he or she is. Whatever happened to allow this stuff to become legit? DJ BO, and DJ so and so. What;s going on?

Okay, so I’m a fat balding aging ex hippie from Mississippi, but pray tell, how did spinning records become an art form?

I’m all ears…

ok, well, it’s important to first look at the turntable as a musical instrument. a guitar has it’s own heritage in terms of virtuoso playing, innovation, and general skill. so too does the violin or the oboe. and, although it may just look like a turntable, once one sees that it actually is an instrument, through which one makes music rather than simply playing music, then one can see how certain dj’s become stars and others not so.

now a guitar makes its notes through strumming a string. a turntable makes its music by making sounds from sounds. a crab scratch, a beat juggle, etc. etc. are like the guitar riff, the drum solo, etc. etc. your dj qbert or craze or cash money are guys that created new ways to make music out of music.

the dj’s who become big either are virtuosos of this art form, of making music from music live, or they make their name through their production mixes. your paul oakenfold or john digweed have unique production quirks and beats that others simply can’t match. and of course there are others lurking below the surface that are making names for themselves and they make their names just like any other band, by making good music, performing it to a crowd and then gaining a following. what may seem like a dj just playing vinyl actually involves a whole host of knobs, samplers, sampled sounds and buttons and such, all that when put together live create a unique experience for the clubgoer.

sadly, there are few examples of good turntablism or dj’ing in taipei…but give me a couple of months…

I agree with embryopoet, but I see formosa’s point. In Taiwan, 95% of the dj’s you hear are just fucking around. “Wow! Look at me I took two songs with a similar beat and mixed them together” or “Isn’t it cool how I took a great song and fucked it up by adding a drumbeat behind it?” On the bright side, if dj’s remain popular, I am sure that some will get some real skills whether on the production side or performance side just as some Taiwanese bands have done. Myself, I think every would-be dj should be required to learn how to “rock the house” playing songs before they are allowed to tamper with them.

Embryopoet, ImaniOU - You’re on candid camera - check it out.

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how’d that happen!


thanks for the link juba…it’s nice to be on the internet…