Pre-departure orientation for immigrants moving to Canada

Hi all,

Is anyone seeking guidance for pre-departure preparation before moving to Canada?
Our non-profit organization is based in Canada and we have opened our first Taipei office.

If you are a resident in Taiwan who have been issued a Permanent Resident Visa or Work Permit or Live-in-Caregivers who have received confirmation of approval of their application, please feel free to contact me about attending our free orientation workshops.

Our free serivces include the following:

  • 2 hour pre-landing group orientation
  • one-on-one case management
  • In-depth workshops
  • Referrals
  • Resource center
  • Virutal resource center

For further information, please contact me.

Thank you for your attention.

If you’re a non-profit organization, you won’t mind telling us the name, and number of your organization, as well as your website, right? Thanks much!

Forumosa Admin

Poutine is spelled with a “u”, although it is not pronounced.

Some places in Canada speak French, but no one really cares about it.

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Canada is cold.

In Canada, driving a black car does not mean you are a “gangster.”

Interesting. So this is a non-profit organization? As maoman says, who are you? The way this post is set out, it looks suspicious.
Also, when you write “please contact me,” its usually a pretty good idea to include at least an email address. How am I supposed to contact you? By shouting?


See? It didn’t work.

It’s just that, you see, with labor brokerages here being now illegal (or in the process of being made so), there are doubtless hordes of these scumsucking sharks seeking to find another way to exploit the young and gullible far from home in unfamiliar surroundings – not that YOU’RE anything like this, of course, but providing a way of checking you out would be a nice way to dispel such suspicions.

flob is the place where people come when they escaped from Canada, isn’t it?