Predator: Cast becomes political candidate

If you’ve never seen the movie Predator where Arnie & gang battle the Predator in central american jungles, and for the most part, lose, what rock have you been hiding under.

That cast includes (besides Arnie), Jesse Ventura, Carl Weathers, Sonny Landham, etc.

Fast forward a decade or so:

  1. Arnie becomes governor of California

  2. Ventura becomes governor of Minnesota

  3. Now Sonny Landham is running as a Libertarian candidate against Senate Minority Leader McConnell for his seat in Kentucky.

The pros and cons:

a. He was a badass in Predator
b. He’s a badass Native American
c. He was previously a federal convict (for threatening his wife with obscene phone calls), a conviction that was later overturned… after he served 2.5 years.
d. He acted in porn films in the 70s to get by. … XHEPQDW7oF