Predict the Smear for the Next SCOTUS Nominee

Alright everyone, how will the next nominee for SCOTUS be smeared? Russian asset? Racist? Sexist? Abductor of minority children? Sexual misconduct? Academic dishonesty?

Extra points if you can correctly predict the smear(s) before the nominee is announced.

Given the current climate, I’m going with the racist angle.


Too fundamentalist

The old fall back, racism. Seasoned with a mega dollop of white privilege.

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Maybe so. Too Southern, too.

If it’s Amy Barrett it’ll be"She was part of the group that was the inspiration for The Handmaid’s Tale.
Wait, is it still a smear if it’s true?


Kavanaugh 2.0.
She’ll have some ulterior motive for having and adopting children…
I’ll pop some popcorn as it should be fascinating to see what is thrown at her whoever is nominated.

“… the brutal and often-drawn-out political combat that results affects the Court “directly, since it is deprived of one of its nine members, and indirectly, since rancorous confirmation battles lower the prestige of the Court.”

The US supreme court is a joke.

Ooh, I didn’t see that one coming. Hmm. :thinking:

I have a cousin with 11 of his own and they adopted 4 siblings from Mexico to keep them together. Evil huh?

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Oh utterly evil. Those poor adoptees. :grin:

Good on your cousin.

Let’s see, maybe the adoption attack will go like this? Barrett adopting children is a manifestation of white privelege so egregious, one that so flies in the face of abortion rights, that she must be disqualified?

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In Belgium you could live a good life without working if you have 15 kids, the government will pay you handsomely.

Transphobe can be used with either a woman or man.

Yeah, that one’s probably on deck, right after racism.

What’s Latina for Uncle Tom?

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How many echo chambers do we really need on this site? :crazy_face:


Unless they are non white

Crap. Checkmate. :nerd_face:

Afraid this is an away game for me, the intersectional stuff.


Truth doesn’t matter. The question is: will it stick?

This will call out the anti-religious bigots yet again. I wonder which side Magic Underpants will take on this one.