Pregnancy - how to do it

The Aussies are getting worried about declining birth rates. The experts on the subject suggest classes at school for 16-year olds:

“Girls today get taught about sexual health and contraception but not about how to actually get pregnant.”

Hurrah… a victory for common sense!

Looking for instructors…???

They should learn from the taiwanese. The girls here get pregnant all the time. The only ‘contraception’ that seems to get used is a trip to the abortion clinic every six months. Snip snip slurp…

INSTRUCTIONS: Insert Tab A into Slot B. Repeat as necessary.

Yes, common sense it is Guest.

Better to have an aging population and declining birth rate than a ridiculous pregnancy rate resulting in abortion figures like 78 women per 1,000 in Romania and 68 women per 1,000 in the Russian Federation.

I think it speaks for a successful sex education program in schools.


What? Declining birthrates back home!! Good news to all english cricket fans. In about 20 odd years, you’re a chance to win a game against us :smiley:

Amos, with the Warwickshire Four of Knight, Bell, Troughton and Giles in the team, we’d be a match for your lads any day. It’s the English game’s lousy administration and flawed selection that the Aussies have been beating, not the cream of English cricketing prowess.

An Australian team compised of geriatrics would still beat any English team that considers an Andy Flintoff a real all-rounder.

Dear Omnifruitcake,

I am English.

We lost because our players are crap. Nothing to do with administration. And the fab four would not have made a blind bit of difference, so complete and crushing was the Aussies victory.

Alleycat, there’s nothing wrong with Flintoff, except that he’s a bit pudgy and showing the effects of not having moved much further from his bed than the sofa and the bar for a few months. But on his day, which he had just a year or two ago if I remember correctly, he’s positive dynamite AND can run around frightening the crowd with his shirt off.

Northern Star, wave the flag, for goodness sake, and let’s not hear any more of that defeatist talk. It just needs a couple of changes to the England lineup and those Aussies will be running scared.

Omni, don’t forget to mention the rugby next time!