Pregnant and X-ray

One of the requirements for a Joining Family Resident Visa is a health certificate.

I am now 7 months pregnant and am wondering if I can get an X-ray given my situation.

If I can’t get an X-ray, can I still be given the health certificate?

It’s a chest x-ray, not an tummy x-ray, so maybe it’s ok ?

Can you wait on the JFRV until after the baby is delivered? Maybe stay on a tourist visa?

Otherwise, you might go talk to the doctors and see if they would let you wait on the X-ray part until later. Common sense has to trump bureaucratic rules occasionally.

You definitely can’t get an x-ray when you are pregnant! Don’t even think about it. Ask any doctor from a western country, and he or she would be having hysterics about the very thought. I have some questions about the medical training in Taiwan, but I still can’t believe any doctor would let you have an x-ray in your condition.
About the health check - when I got my health check for my ARC done at Ren-ai hospital, there was a big sign on the x-ray room door saying that if there was any possiblity of pregnancy, the woman should inform the technicians and get a pregnancy test first. Since, at 7 months, you’re obviously pregnant, the pregnancy test won’t be necessary. What they do instead, if the woman is pregnan, is test her for TB (which is what the chest x-ray is supposed to be testing for) some other way.
You can complete your health check without getting a chest x-ray.

I suspected I was pregnant on my first health check and told the radiologist who put a thick metal protective skirt around my back covering the bottom half of my torso to prevent x-rays pemitrating there, eight months later I have a very active healthy baby boy whose due any time now. :smiley:


That really helped me out. Whew.

Based on my (limited) research, the big worry about xray during pregnancy seems to be in the first trimester when it can cause miscarriage. Some risk (some say :s ) after that point but not as much.

I was 4 months pregnant when I did my jfrv exam. They won’t x-ray you if you’re pregnant. They also won’t imunize you for mmr, which is supposed to be compulsery now, or at least that’s what they told me when I did it. They say you’ll have to do it after the baby is born, but of course, they don’t follow up.

I also had to get my jfv when I was pregnant and like housecat said no xray or mmr was needed. they wouldnt even think of giving one to a pregannt woman!