Premier League Football

I will be moving to Taipei within the next couple of months. I won’t be there until after this season ends, but before next season starts, I must know where I can see some English Premier League matches. Are they shown on cable tv or are there pubs that show them? I have to find the Premiership!! :astonished:

They show the big games on cable but with the delay be prepared to stay up late into the night. The pubs will play them as well. Now if only they’d play Hockey on TV life would be sweet.

Taiwan ESPN shows 2 premier league matches on Sunday morning (not live), but you can go to some pubs e.g. The Tavern, and watch live matches on Saturday and Sunday (they have cable TV from Thailand).

You can check the schedule here for both espn and star sports:

The two main pubs that show matches are the tavern and the brass monkey. There are one or two less known pubs that show games too.

Nice one EUROPEAN, that is a well handy website. Cheers.