Prenatal Fitness

Hi All,

Am looking for a good fitness option for a 6 months pregnant woman (that would be me). So far the classes I’ve found required a 1 year membership, but I’m not sure I want to commit to that right now (who knows what my schedule will be like post baby?!).

Any suggestions on where to take classes paid per visit, or on a monthly basis? Would be open to yoga, swimming, basic aerobics, pilates, etc. I work a full time job Monday through Fridays so the classes would also need to be available evenings and weekends. My Chinese is pretty limited, so anywhere that speaks some English too would be a bonus.

Colleen Peterson is a qualified prenatal/postpartum instructor teaching at Parents’ Place in Neihu. Classes there are running right now weekdays and weekends only, but you can also ask her about any evening options she has.

Here’s a class schedule for Parents’ Place:

Tel: 0958-191910