Prep to be in an Intermediate Mandarin class?


I’m interested in attending an Intermediate Mandarin class in September at one of the more flexible programs in Taichung. I’m thinking NTU.

If I wanted to make sure that I had most of what I needed to put myself in an ‘Intermediate’ level class, what material should I be sure to know.

Book 2 of Audio Visual Chinese?

Is there some sort of online leveling test in Taiwan that determines Mandarin level that I can access?

Thanks in advance.


If you go to the kids book section in carrefour there is a picture dictionary called “hello ABC” there are two versions: one has 400 words the other has 1200 words. Each word is in a sentence. It comes with mini CDs that have all the sentences in English and mandarin. You can also buy it online at I’d definitely recommend it. It worked for me


If you’re serious about prepping specifically for that class, I’d call or write the school and ask what textbook is used in that class and which have been used previously, then look at those.