Prepaid card (for cell phone)

Can you get any prepaid cards, easily? Where to get? 7-11? What do they cost?

I have some friends coming over from overseas and they may require such.


I think there’s a thread about the difficulty of getting prepaid cards now. You can get them from 7-11s and other convenience stores but there is a registration process involving faxes, phone calls, etc, that has to be done before the prepaid Sim Card is activated. They require Passport Numbers, addresses, etc… I think it depends which service provider you use. I went with TCC, and it took a week from purchase to activation :fume:, but maybe IF would be easier…

Will give it a try but if it takes a week to activate then it’s not an option anyhow as my friends will be gone by then (they arrive tomorow already and leave by Wednesday).

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

Don’t want to duplicate what might or might not have already been said in the other thread mentioned above, but we bought an IF-card (at 7-11) for my wife and the activation took 24 hours. But, they needed an ARC for foreigners, so visiting “tourists” might have a problem, you would have to purchase the card for them I guess. I heard that they are now limited to 1 pre-paid card per person, better check the other thread for more details on that though … Xpet.

It took my IF card to be activated in one day.

I think it may take longer if you don’t follow up with a phone call and just fax the information in…

Thanks Xpet and chichow, will register it under my name if necessary (I have an ARC) and follow up on the progress with the provider.

Definitely follow up with them. I bought an IF, registered etc etc but it still took more like 3 days to get it all going. Calling them after 36 hours, they said it would be activated. Another 24 hours and called again. This finally lead to a re-confirmation over the phone of all the info I already faxed (filled out on the form) and then they wanted me to re-fax. Lots of conversation convinced them that they should just activate the phone NOW! Bingo! A few hours later, activated. And yes, you can only have one card (something about using cards for kidnapping scams) and you must have an address, passport etc.

If you’re desperate because you’re on a student/visitor visa, I’ll be giving away two soon. Keep posted.

try chungwa, cheaper than if cards.

I’m giving away two this week. PM me if you really need one.

How long would they be useful? Rechargeable without further verification once purchased?

Some updates: I asked at a two 7-11s and they told me they don’t sell prepaid cards anymore, instead advised me to go to those shops that sell cell phones.
However I decided it would be too much hassle and my friends agreed to manage without the prepaid card, so we didn’t apply at all.

I have a Taiwan mobile phone and I get the prepaid ‘Fun’ card - the $1000 NT variety. Of course I can get that at any 7-11 for a $1000 NT, but there are some little kiosks near the train station in Taichung that sell them for $850 NT and you also get a $200 NT bonus thrown in. Sometimes I don’t feel like making the trip to the train station, I live close to SOGO department store…is there an alternative to getting the same card at the same or near price with the same bonus, somewhere closer? Thanks!

Try cell phone stores that sell phone cards. They should have them too. There’s one right next to my office that sells them, in a variety of denominations, and for all the major networks. They have the bonus time added too. Just look on the front window of stores for pictures that look like phone cards, and ask inside. They will most likely sell what you’re looking for.