Prepaid Debit Card - for a minor

Hello guys,
First post, so just a little bit about myself. Currently a high school student. Grew up in Taiwan, moved to New York when I was ten. I come back annually during the summer, and am planning to stay for the next two years to finish high school here in Taiwan before returning to the states.

Heres the more important part:
I currently live in Kaohsiung (speedy recovery to my neighbors five blocks away). I am trying to find a place where I can pay cash in order to receive a debit card? I haven’t tried banks yet, but most require you to be of age (online). I want to buy a debit card so I can buy music/apps/in app purchases on the iTunes Store. If anyone can direct me to a place where I can buy one, it is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have searched the forums, but most don’t apply to me since I am still a minor