Prepaid phone cards for calling USA?

Hi everyone,

I apologize if this has been asked before. I searched but couldn’t find an answer in the old posts.

I will be visiting Taiwan for a couple of weeks, staying with my Taiwanese girlfriend’s family. I would like to pick up a pre-paid phone card so that I can call the USA from their phone without it costing them anything.

I don’t care about getting the absolute fewest cents per minute, if I can pay a little more and get better quality.

Should I pick up something like this [/url] in the USA, or should I wait until I get to Taiwan? Or should I just get a prepaid cell phone for a couple of weeks?

Any suggestions would be great!

I usually pick up a zhonghua telecom prepaid long distance card which is 500NT…it has a toll-free number…you can talk on the phone to your friends/families in the US for hours with this card…you can find them at any 7-11, as well as a selection of other cards…comes with English spoken menus too…so you don’t get confused

Our company product : CT Life card, toll free access, call to USA: NT$ 2.19 /mins, Top sound quality, and satisfcation guarantee.