Preparing for Quarantine Hotel

Presently, I’m in quarantine at a hotel in Kaohsiung. There are some things that I brought that were very helpful, while others were not. I thought that I make a list because I did not see any other topics on Forumosa that address this.

Necessary Items:

Unlocked Smart Phone (as in not locked to your cell phone company or country)

Wipes - Alcoholic and non-alcoholic (to keep surfaces clean, as there is no cleaning service during your entire stay. you also should sanitize your room upon arrival)

Lint Roller (for your bed b/c there is not laundry service)

Yoga Mat (impossible to find on Food Panda)

Ceramic Cup (hotel only has small paper cups)

Phone Charger (police will be sent if your phone is ever turned off)

6 foot phone cable (being confined to a room sucks and being confined one spot to charge your phone sucks even more)

Recommended Items

Towels (again, no laundry service. also, the thin towels here are super thin and do nothing to dry your hair)

Bed Sheets (no laundry service)

Personal cleansing/care products

Online Streaming Service

Tablet or Personal Laptop

Fabreeze (especially if you can’t open the window)


Jump Rope

Dian Guo (no microwave allowed, but you can still heat up your food in a large rice cooker aka dian guo)


My friend that did a hotel quarantine ordered a proper PC monitor with a stand and a desk chair from PChome. If you’re going to be on your computer for most of the day that helps a lot.

My quarantine hotel disallowed any heating/cooking apparatus in the room. A rice cooker consumes around 800-1200 watts, which is not that much less than a microwave (around 1000-1300 watts). You only need to heat with a microwave for 3-5 minutes, while it takes at least 10 minutes to heat with a rice cooker, so I don’t understand the rationale behind banning microwave ovens while allowing rice cookers…

I made sure there was a TV situated above the desk and can be hooked up via an HDMI cable when I booked my quarantine hotel room. There are also quarantine hotels with proper office chairs.

Things I was glad that I brought:
  1. Laundry detergent
  2. Dish detergent
  3. Dish and cleaning scrub sponges.
  4. Bowl with lid
  5. Mug
  6. Flask
  7. Utensils
  8. Hangers for laundry (Wish I had also brought a clothesline)
  9. LTE Wi-Fi router (I rented one in advance and had it delivered to the hotel)
  10. Google Mini
  11. Amazon Firestick (needed a VPN though)
  12. Extension cord
  13. Disinfecting wipes
  14. Proper slippers
  15. HDMI cable
  16. Thermometer
  17. Rubbing Alcohol
  18. Vitamins
  19. Multiple credit cards and debit cards (I had the misfortune where Uber Eats rejected all of my cards).
  20. Laptop and docking station
  21. Towels
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Yeah, I’m amazed that they even let me bring in a dian guo.

@quandary I assume your flask is for alcohol consumption? My hotel has a “ban” on alcoholic beverages, but thus far haven’t rejected any alcohol deliveries.

These are three big things I wanted when I was in quarantine.

Did you stay at an actual hotel or a government facility? How can they ban booze? Also IIRC the duty free shop before immigration is still open at Taoyuan. Good place to load up on some whiskey.

This same friend had a cool quarantine taxi driver that went to 7-11 for him to get chips and beer for the drive to Yilan.

I’m in an actual hotel.