Preparing for the great adventure!

Can anyone suggest 2-3 good books for brushing up on basic English grammar as well as any other information that would be useful for a beginner English teacher? I have recently decided to move to Taiwan to teach but I won’t be leaving the U.S. for another 6 months or so (need to save up some money). Anyways I want to make the best of that time and come up to speed on basic grammar and teaching techniques/strategies/theories/practices/etc… any suggestions?


-Blues :sunglasses:

I learned on the job here. I majored in English in NY, but it wasn’t Education, it was writing/communication/speaking. Anyway, if you have a basic knowledge and ability, from being a native speaker, it’s likely enough to get a job here. I’m being lazy, as I don’t know of a book to recommend - but I’m sure other users on this site will have suggestions. I was nervous the 1st time I stepped into a classroom, but I learned to swim quickly after being thrown into the water. Just have fun, be confident, and don’t be afraid to read up/prepare, if you are unsure as to a grammatical rule or word definition. I’m not saying NOT to read up and prepare for your ADVENTURE, I’m just saying I didn’t, and my 2 years here have been incredible. Not only due to my love for Taiwan, but also due to my comfort and love for my “new” profession …