Prescription anti dperessants and health check

Hi all,

I am coming to Taiwan in July and I am taking Citalopram, an SSRI. Been taking it for about 6 months now. I am coming with a school and during the interview when they asked if I had any mental illness history or are on any prescription medications I said no. I just couldn’t see how that would do anything other than damage my application. Anyway, does anyone know if the doctors can find out I take citalopram from the standard health check?

The thing that worries me is that on my health check form that I was sent, there is a section for ‘Mental condition’, that has a tick box for normal and abnormal.
However I have read threads about several other foreigners in Taiwan who take anti depressants so I’m not sure which position this puts me in.

Any views?


Opiates and amphetamines are what they test for. Fraud is a whole nother thing. But I don’t know how they’d find you out.

Tick ‘normal’. It’s not like you’re schizophrenic, and it’s none of their business anyway; I figure if they don’t have the right to ask the question (and I don’t believe they do), then there’s no fraud being committed.

And they don’t test for that kind of medicine. They’re just looking for AIDS, TB and illegal drug use.

Once you’re here and you get a health insurance card through your job, go to a good psychiatrist here, fill them in on your history and tell them what medication you respond well to. They should prescribe you the same thing, I imagine. This won’t affect your future work visa applications or health checks for those, either.

After a month in Taiwan you’ll be just as depressed and normal as every other expat anyway. It’s the ones who see nothing wrong who are abnormal.

It’s all a bunch of shit, anyway. Which is likely to have more of a negative on students? An HIV+ teacher or a mentally ill teacher?

The government are a shower of retards.

Thanks a lot everyone for the advice. It may sound bad to ‘be on anti depressants’ and to be trusted to teach, but really the medicine has been of phenomenol help and makes me much very capable at work. To not have them would be worse. Anyway if Big Fluffy Matthew is right it wont really matter. :smiley:

you might want to come with a few months stash as they might not have it in Taiwan.

What’s wrong with being on anti-depressants? We all need to take medicine at times to be healthy, and mental health is the most important kind of health. :idunno: I don’t think there should be any stigma attached to this.