Presents for boy around 10 yrs old

I think there was a thread on this topic way back but i can’t find it…

what are some presents that kids (especially boys around 10 yrs old) like from Taiwan? Shopping for girls is so easy, there are tons of things!

Thanks alot!

You may have been thinking of this thread, where people provided some good responses. … esent+gift

yes thanks!

My friend’s ten year olds spend hours playing with those crappy plastic spinning tops. Never seen them play with other toys so much. You know where you put the plastic thing in then pull out really fast and the top spins and the object of the game is to knock the other top out of the little plastic arena? Any parents know what they are called?

I thought they were called crappy plastic spinning tops, but I could be mistaken. They sound like a hit.

For my 10 yr old nephew I picked up a dragon kite in Beijing. In Taipei I got him these really cool, powerful, spherical, shiny silver magnets, about the size of an eyeball (from the ChiangKuo Jade Market). If you find those, be sure to buy a pair. Previously I bought him some nice old money from the Jade Market and there are a few stands there selling antique locks and things that I think most boys might enjoy. I also got him a Doraemon t-shirt and matching boxers at the night market, which he seemed to appreciate (or maybe was just being very polite).


I have been looking for a dragon kite, too bad they are only in Beijing (or so it seems)! I will check out the eyeball magnets.

Thanks for the tip on the crappy spinning tops, Buttercup, I will check that out as well.

i bought some paper models of famous places (cks mem, 101…) that you assemble yourself, my 10 yearold 2nd-cousin liked those.