President Lee's 'White Heat' Experiences

Hello all,

I read an English newspaper article about 4 years ago, it should have been China News (Taiwan News now). Anyway, the long article was about Lee Tung-wei’s involvement in the Taiwan literary circles in the 1950’s.

Of key interest, he was mentioned as the only member of that Taiwanese group which escaped imprisonment on Turle Island, house arrest, or death.

Perhaps it was really a China Post (KMT affiliated all) article, and there to slur him, but there was lots of detail as I recall and point that hit me was not well focused as it would have normally been to be a journalistic drive by shooting.

If wholly factual, jsut what did he do to escape that common fate and propel himself a couple of years later into being the only native Taiwanese (no ‘half-mountains’ counted) of any rank in the KMT? Did he turn stool pigeon? If so, would that have anything to do with his recent switch in allegiances?

Anyone read any good material to confirm or deny this pretty important factiod (hypotheically)? Thanks for any replies on this. I have long wondered about it, as it would fit. You know, a contrite pol wanting to solve problem of a very twisted kind. If so, he had done a pretty good knock down job, considering all the forces arrayed against such a task.

There are many books – in Chinese though --about Lee.

Lee was involved in a Marxism study group back then. According to an interview with a pal of Lee’s from that group, Lee got away with it because he was willing to cooperate with the KMT secret police in the investigation into the study group during Taiwan’s white terror era, during which the gun-shy KMT, winked at by Uncle Sam, arrested and slaughtered those who they labeled as reds.