President Tsai's approval ratings

Many recent polls show President Tsai’s approval at very low levels. Which I don’t understand because she’s basically done what she was expected to do when she got elected. For example, shutting down nuclear power, pension/labour reform, being unfriendly to China (asserting Taiwan sovereignty), preventing pan blue sympathisers from gaining influential positions in places like NTU. Her popularity should be sky high now. Either the polls are totally wrong or Taiwan voters have no idea what they want (or change their views constantly). Just one example, it seems few Taiwanese voters are satisfied with cross-straits relations with China. But what were they expecting when they voted for Tsai? Isn’t she doing exactly what they wanted?

It’s the economy, stupid.


Yes, of course it is. It almost always boils down to people’s livelihoods and the economy. But that simple reality seems to get lost. Instead, its about who is most able to assert Taiwan sovereignty, who can best say "f**k you to Mainland China, who can eliminate nuclear power the fastest, etc etc. The KMT/President Ma believed cozy relations with Mainland China would improve Taiwan’s economy and that was clearly rejected by the voters. And the current administration believes the economy can be improved by better relations with SE Asia/Japan/USA/etc but that doesn’t seem to be working either. Of course, this only scratches the surface of the issue.

It’s because the heteronormative cisgender semi-white patriarchy won’t allow a woman President to strive.

I’m sure someone will eventually bring up this topic, so I’d rather be the first one to write it and make it sound ridiculous in advance.

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Economic realities haven’t changed. China is still by far the largest trading partner for Taiwan, more than US+Japan combined. Trade with China increased 17 percent from last year, notwithstanding all the empty-headed noises we hear from politicians.


I think she’s a cunt but her approval rating isn’t that low. Usually presidents here get something like 20% after two years, hers is like 30 - 40%.

Yeah, let’s not forget 馬英九趴, ha ha.

She’s a fucking waste of space, refuses to take on any of the big business interests that are raping Taiwan’s environment in the posterior.


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss


I lost interest in her as well. As above has said, plus many dirty industries coming back to the island from China. Not a win…failed president, but certainly not as bad as the last. This sadly seems enough for most people, not as bad as the last somehow got morphed into good…dumbfounded.

Which dirty industries are coming back?

Show me a good president. Few presidents were considered good during their presidency and even fewer remained popular in subsequent administrations. I’m not talking about Taiwan, that’s how it works in almost every single country.

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Abraham Lincoln but he ate a bullet.

The good ones are often shot dead while the bad ones live till their 90s. Too bad it’s not the other way around.

There’s more to leadership than ticking off boxes.

It’s not what she does, it’s how she does it. She doesn’t demonstrate any particular, you know, flair. She’s too damn meh.

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Fabrics, leather, metals, plastics and certain chemicals come to mind. a grey area. But those are the ones I’m seeing in my work field. Other importers/difference noticed similar trends. The AG industry now is also seeing a downturn :frowning:


Some success. But ultimately sub par. As expected I guess. I will admit though, I was hopeful on the beginning.

Another lawyer technocrat. ZZZzzz.
Lawyers do not make good leaders. That is my personal opinion. Others may feel different.

Why? I am not normally DPP friendly, but I don`t mind her.

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She refuses to get her hands dirty and protects big business interests. She’s a do-nothing president.

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Possibly the Presidents powers are more limited than we think here.

She has made some good progress with the.biring but important areas such as pension reform.

She did attempt labour reform and it was 50% successful. It is a difficult task due to ingrained behaviours having to be changed .

They are raising the minimum wage steadily.

Environmentally she’s been very poor. That’s a big problem because it’s affecting all our health.

Again though Taiwan overall hasn’t been able to maturely face the issues head on…How to reduce demand and is there a case to extend nuclear power longer . She should provide some leadership though.

Also very quiet on the pronounced warming trends hitting us.

It’s no surprise really she is another quite old politician from the same industrial development legal state with overseas education background. Another bureaucrat.

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