President Tsai's approval ratings


All politicians are cunts and she is one.


I hate her. The main contention is her cutting seven days of national holiday and taking labor laws back one hundred years. She broke all of her promises on this and lost support of the young generation.

It’s also not what she did, but more the way. The DPP in their rhetoric have shown that they despise the average voter. They are 100% in bed with big business, just as much as the KMT and will do anything to keep the cash flowing into their coffers.

Tsai is part of the elite and protects her own. She lacks backbone or ethics. That is also true for the upper echelons of her party. She has been a major disappointment and a useless president.

The DPP is going to get major egg on their faces when Ko wins a second term in Taipei. Many on PTT were rejoicing the opportunity to vote against the DPP.

Her only redeeming quality is that she isn’t kmt


The DPP’s level of cluelessness in running against Ko is amazing. They want to ensure that the next president is DPP, but this seems like a major miscalculation.


Because they live an elitist fantasy world.

In the recent Apple opinion poll, the DPP candidate had 0% of the votes from voters aged 20-29


This is from the party who got in through the youth vote a few years earlier . A testament to how depressingly bad they have been

Ko had 52% of 20-29
53% of 30-39


And there, my friend, lies the root of all evil that is politics that covers BOTH sides of the aisle (political-wise). Same goes for Dems and Repubs in the U.S. and for any other two-sided or multi-partied political systems in the major countries (outside of communism).

Succinctly put: All politicians are in bed with some form of big business and always need the cash in their coffers to get re-elected.


Agreed, but Taiwanese political parties are especially audacious with it.

If anything, it’s more the rhetoric and complete disregard for workers I find disgusting in Taiwan and especially from the dpp in the last year. It makes me feel sick. From “if you aren’t happy, go and speak to your boss” to “nobody dies of overwork in Taiwan, they were sick before they started” to “no workers are protesting outside, just tape recordings”. The DPP are 100% with bosses and believe Taiwanese workers are lazy and money-grubbing, which is why the economy is bad.

In form this may be a global phenomena, but the specifics of Taiwan are particularly nasty.


Say what you will about President Tsai but for those who voted for her in order to increase hostility to China, then she is delivering! Cross strait relations haven’t been this bad in many years, surely this is what Taiwan voters wanted when they elected her???


Nice attempt at a troll. I hate her but she’s done nothing to antagonize China except a bit of straight talking.


Not attempting to troll, just stating the reality. Sure, I see your point that she is just acting according to reality which is that Taiwan is a sovereign self-governing country and it is PRC that is causing all the trouble. Which brings me back to my original point, if that’s what Taiwan voters want, they should be generally happy & approving of her cross-strait polices. And yet, almost all the polls indicate otherwise. I mean, the voters know there is a price to be paid in terms of hostility with China, but they should welcome it and be willing to bear all the consequences. As you said, it just reflects reality and “straight talk”. I would argue she hasn’t gone far enough in “straight-talking”. She should just go out and say that Taiwan will abandon the “status quo” as it was imagined by the previous KMT admin.


Personally I think Taiwanese in general should either shit or get off the can. If they’re that scared of China/that keen to suckle from her teat then start the reunification process. Otherwise the only option is to slowly ramp up the desinicization and damn the torpedoes. The so-called status quo approach is just a slow death as one by one all our allies jump ship and the R.O.C. is derecognized into non-existence.


Yes, I agree. The so-called ‘status quo’ has a finite shelf-life. In the long-term, its either unification or de-jure independence - “Republic of Taiwan”. But the timing of either outcome, anyone’s guess.


There are other reasons to dislike her, not just China.

Food, education and environment come to mind. Not a jab at kmt or comparison, just a continuation of failure…


It’s too much to hope that one person can change all these things.


That’s all it takes to piss off some people.


No offense, but I think you are viewing Taiwan politics too much in terms of cross strait relations. The China issue isn’t what most people are concerned about and it’s not that related to her poor approval rating.


Fair enough and I actually agree. But on the point of cross-strait relations specifically, I understand from the polls that the voters are also very unhappy with how she’s handing that issue (amongst many others). And my point is they shouldn’t be if what they want is an increasing shift towards asserting Taiwan’s sovereignty. And i mean Taiwan, not ROC. If that’s what voters really want, they should be willing to bear the consequences.


Why do you think that’s what they really want or why they voted her in?

The main reason she got voted in was that the kmt is unspeakable garbage


Very simple answer, I have friends who vote for DPP in the elections and they tell me the main (if not only) reason they vote for DPP is because of the party’s support for TI. Not all DPP voters may share that view but its still a common/popular view in the DPP. Why else would Premier Lai recently call himself a “Taiwan independence worker - 台獨工作者”?

KMT may be garbage but many would argue right now that DPP isn’t that much better. Lets wait and see for the results of the year -end & 2020 election to either refute or validate that.


Maybe your friends are the wealthier deep deep greens. They are the DPP hardcore. As the recent poll showed, most Taiwan voters dont feel allegiance to any party. Those deep greens are not represented of those who voted DPP in the last election.

Changed that for you


Leftism/Communism has definitely infiltrated DPP a long time ago.
New Power Party with the younger generations has its own problems.
Still, Taiwanese hate KMT more than they hate DPP.

So Taiwanese is stuck with poor choices.