Presidential debates 2020

Deja vu?


‘Stand by’ and inferring his supporters ‘monitor’ election polls is a lot more current news, and tells us all we need to know. His desire for their help is obvious, and his reluctance to be strong with his wording is obvious as well.

It’s like when someone asks him about Putin, same deal. Everyone sees it, I dunno what’s up with these constant defenses.

He was awful quick to mention antifa by name in response to a question about far-right groups, that gave away the plot as usual. Like he didn’t even stop on the far-right stuff first (FBI’s number one domestic terror threat), he went straight to antifa nonsense.

That’s the difference, that’s the pattern he always follows.

Maybe one of them should call into the other’s.

We know it won’t be Trump, since he chickens out of debates.


I honestly don’t know why he chickened out. He’s ‘better’ in debates than town halls.

His town hall, well I’m watching it now, it’s pretty disastrous. Usually I have trouble gauging whether or not his performances move the needle or not, if there was any more room for him to move down in the polls, this will do it. Constantly angry, interrupting again, unable to escape the topic of covid.

Of course the Qanon stuff is going to be the highlight. Reporter literally says ‘Qanon believes in satantic democratic pedophile rings’ and he launches into his dumb act, ‘I don’t know that’s true, I don’t know anything about them.’

2 seconds later he says he knows they are ‘anti-pedophilia’. :joy:

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Yeah, I saw that. Biden had a chance to address what seems to bother people, that was a racist remark and the charge against the Democrats is they haven’t done much for the black community while expecting obedient loyalty to the point of name calling if they don’t vote Democrat.

He didn’t and instead did cover issues that have been problems for the black community without saying why in his 40 year tenure nothing was done to address the issues.

His answers felt very scripted. In the kind of way you can’t do on the fly, you prep for.

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I thought his answers were Trump’s already done policies.

That’s why I was disappointed but not surprised at the lack of pushback, Biden was at one point peddling buy in America, keep jobs in America and no one asked him why they have done the opposite for 50 years. Until Trump suggested otherwise.


What a disaster of a response. Total rambling. He doesn’t finish his sentences, as if he can’t complete his thoughts. He struggles to find the words he’s looking for. He mixes numbers up constantly. Thousand. Million. Billion. Same difference.


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I am incapable of not cringing whenever I listen to this clown. And his answers are quite revealing, even though this was not Trump’s intent. In a strange way I’m not sure he realizes this.

Guthrie : On the subject of taxes, as you know, The New York Times has obtained, it says, years of your tax returns among other things. It says that you have debts of approximately $421 million that you have personally–

Trump : Yes.

Guthrie : – guaranteed and that will come due in the next four years. The question is on behalf of voters: who do you owe $421 million to?

Trump : OK. First of all, let me answer. What they did is illegal, number one. Also the numbers are all wrong with the numbers they released. And just so you understand when you have a lot of real estate. I have real estate. You know a lot of it, OK, right down the road, Doral, big stuff, great stuff. I’m very under – when I decided to run I’m very under levered fortunately but I’m very under levered. I have a very, very small percentage of debt compared – in fact some of it I did as favors to institutions that wanted to loan me money. $400 million compared to the assets that I have all of these great properties all over the world and frankly the Bank of America building in San Francisco. I don’t love what’s happening to San Francisco.

Guthrie : Well do I hear you right, it sounds like you’re saying–

Trump : 1290 Avenue (inaudible) one of the biggest–

Guthrie : $400 million isn’t that much.

Trump : – office buildings.

Guthrie: But are you confirming that, yes, you do owe sum $400 million?

Trump : What I’m saying is that it’s a tiny percentage of my net worth.

Guthrie : That sounds like yes.

Trump : And you will see that soon because we’re doing things. We’ve given – I think it’s 108 or 112 pages of financial detail to elections and we have to file as the president. As any politician you have to file. Nobody ever looks at that. When they do they see how incredible a company is but more importantly they see where this debt is. No, I don’t owe Russia money, I don’t owe – I owe a very, very small – it’s called mortgages. People have a house, they put a mortgage –

Guthrie : Yes. Any foreign bank, any foreign entity?

Trump : Not that I know of but I will probably because it’s so easy to solve and if you’d like to do – I will let you know who – who I owe whatever small amount of money. I want to say two things. Number one, it’s a very small amount of money. Number two, it’s very straight – it’s very, very straight but it’s a tiny percentage of the work. Did you ever hear the expression, under levered?

Guthrie : Yes.

Trump : I am extremely under levered.

Guthrie : Well, here’s the thing, you could clear this up tonight by just releasing your tax returns yourself. I mean that’s what I don’t understand.

Trump : Well, I’ll tell you what –

Guthrie : I think people are just wondering, you’re the only –

Trump : As you know, I’m under audit. It turned out that I am under audit.

Guthrie : Yes, but the IRS said – you are –

Trump : They actually – excuse me. No, no, but you –

Guthrie : But the IRS says that doesn’t stop you from releasing.

Trump : But you accused me of not being under audit previously and so did other people at NBC and I am under audit.

Guthrie : You are.

Trump : So that was solved. That’s what – I am under audit. No person in their right mind would release prior to working out the deal with the IRS. And I’ll go a step further. I’m treated very badly by the IRS. They treat me very, very badly. You have people in there from previous administrations that treat me very badly. But we’re under audit. It’s very routine in many ways but we’re under audit. They like to change the game, change the rules, do everything. You saw what they did with the Tea Party people. You saw what they did with the religious groups.

Guthrie : But to be clear, there is no law or rule that prohibits you from releasing your tax returns.

Trump : No, except common sense and intelligence and having lawyers that say – because I would love to release them, and as soon as we come to a conclusion I will release them and very gladly. But if you go to elections and if you take a look you’ll see 112 – I think its 112, it talks about the income, which is rather massive. It talks about all of the properties, they have them listed. You can never learn more. But you know what happened; people went there, all the reporters went there. It was like a feeding frenzy. This was originally when I filed it. And I file it every year. I update it every year. My son is here, they run the company. I don’t run the company. You know – you know –

Guthrie : It also says that you paid $750 in taxes in the year you were elected. Is that true or not?

Trump : Yes, because that’s a statutory number. It’s a statutory – it’s not that –

Guthrie : But is that true?

Trump : I think it’s a filing number. You pay $750, it’s a filing – or a filing fee.

Guthrie : But is that all you paid because most people here probably paid more?

Trump : No, I don’t know. I can’t tell you this, if they have my tax returns, as you know, they have to go to jail. It’s illegal. But their numbers were wrong. But let me tell you what else. I don’t owe money to any of these sinister people. This has been going on for years now. Russia, Russia, Russia. It turned out to be a hoax and it turned out to be that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were dealing with Russia, not me. It’s a whole hoax. So I would not mind at all saying who it is but it’s very small. When you look at vast properties like I have and they’re big and they’re beautiful and they’re well located, when you look at that the amount of money, $400 million is a peanut. It’s extremely under levered. And it’s levered with normal banks, not a big deal.

Guthrie : All right. Let’s take a break. We’ll get more voter questions right after this.

Again. More winning for Biden.

Biden averaged 15.1 million viewers during Thursday night’s 90-minute discussion on Walt Disney Co’s ABC broadcast network. Trump pulled in 13.5 million for his 60-minute event across Comcast Corp’s broadcaster NBC and the company’s MSNBC and CNBC cable channels.

Who has cable these days?

We stream. Where’s them numbers? Not that I’m denying Biden outscored Trump…just that lots of folks have cut the cable.

Well, it’s the best we’ve got now. We can speculate, I suppose, in which case I would guess that older folks and others in Trump’s base would be less likely to stream. I would also guess that many streaming Trump’s town hall would close the browser or go to YouTube music after about 5 minutes of listening to Trump lies and childish attempts at obfuscation (see above for example). We can’t measure that now. Any of the streaming, that is.

Right, and I think that actually works to Trump’s interests. The condensed versions are better than his loooooong drawn out rallies. And that’s what the algorithm provides folks on FB and whatnot.

Disastrous for whom?

Thank God.

President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden will have their microphones muted for parts of their final debate on Thursday to allow each U.S. presidential candidate a block of uninterrupted time to speak, according to the group sponsoring the debate.


looks like someone is already planning their escape from the debates so they can go hide in the bunker again… :rofl:


Oh god, they want Biden’s rehearsed lines we have got last debate on Coronavirus again. Whatever. The debate commission is a joke. The media is a joke.

edit/ They will mute Trump’s and Bidens microphone, bet they wont mute the moderators microphone, Trumps true opponent.