Press Conference [html editing?]

I have organized a group of NATIONAL ASSEMBLY MEMBERS to have a press conference at the end of May to push some topics which are quite important for Taiwan’s future. Will these topics affect the human rights of US citizens and foreigners in Taiwan? The answer is “yes.”

We are hoping to put a PRESS CONFERENCE news release on the internet. But we need to put the text of our press release message into html format first …

Does anyone have the ability/capability to work this up in html on some efficient Html Design Program. (My design abilities are weak … )

I could FAX you the one page announcement, and you could hopefully come up with an attractive html page fairly quickly … yes?

Please email me if you are willing to help, and don’t forget to mention your name and FAX number.

(We also have another page to be done in Chinese.)

I would be honored to do them., etc.

I sent you an e-mail.