Presumably Fake Job Listing


I posted this a few days ago in the Job Listings Forum about the post “Filming Job”. It was removed as it wasn’t a job listing and was locked – no one could reply to it there – I thought the original job listing was removed as well, but I just saw that it’s still there. This is it:

Read my Aug. 4th post here: … ht=#216912

The “new” job listing was an almost verbatim copy, with the slight change of this job being offered as full time work. How could a pilot be full time work? Within the last few days, the ad has been edited and now appears to be for a camerman position. However, earlier this week, the part about the all-important accent and attractiveness were in the new ad as well.

The job I posted was filled and the filming was completed in August, with several Forumosans taking part.

I want to warn you that this smells fishy to me – the same ad has advertised two separate positions, using my words – and is totally unrelated to the (real) job I posted.


Sorry you’ve completely lost me. I get the gist, but not the full story.


If you click on the provided links, you’ll find two job listings.

One is from this week and lists a camerman position. However, a few days ago, the same ad was for an on-air position. All of the writing in the ad, the older version and most of the new version are lifted from a job listing I posted in August (second link).

I think someone is scamming and I don’t want there to be any confusion that this new job is related to the one I posted before. In fact, I seriously doubt that this is even a real job… a full-time pilot? :unamused:

I think that there may be something in Rooftops concerns.

I can’t think for the life of me why they would need a native English speaker to work the camera. I assume that the cameraman may need to understand English in order to focus in on the relevant material which is being introduced in English. Surely a local with even basic English language capabilities would be cheaper than a foreigner behind the camera.