Pretty things to look forward during the World Cup

Normally, I put this kind of stuff in the Women’s Forum, but in order to cleanse the eyeballs after Erm’s link, try mine:

The 30 Hottest Bearded Men Of The World Cup

12 Soccer Players Who Are Reason Enough to Watch the World Cup

Sincerely, what we need are shots of the spectators. I remember when they had the Cup in Italy. Mamma mia!!! :lovestruck:

Being in Brazil, the garotas are going to be crazy supporting their team. I bet there will be bouncing baloons everywhere.

We are talking guys here, lovely tanned, furry or not so, at least some chest hair, plenty of leg hair, winky winky eyes… ayayayayayyyy

Claudio Marchisio’s blues with the contrast of the tanned skin is amazing.

And I’m talking about a completely different thing. :lick:

I am pudgy, my skin is too white, my hair is very dark and I can’t grow any beard but somehow, some women in Taiwan like my clear skin. But it bothers me, women here treat me like a little brother or act like a mother.