Preview function shows code -- it's my fault

I replied to this via email just now

[quote]Thank you for writing in via the feedback form

You asked why the Preview function doesn’t work properly. My answer will not make you happy.

As a user of other phpBB forums, you have probably also noticed that Forumosa is a heavily modified version. I installed 99% of the mods, and I confess to being sloppy in my methods.

Somewhere along the way, the code for the preview got screwed up (obviously). But because I didn’t notice it for a long time, there isn’t a simple way for me to figure out where I “took a left when I shoulda taken a right” (so to speak)

Fortunately, the preview bug isn’t a major problem – although after a few years of tweaking this website, my idea of a “major” problem is now up to “the website doesn’t work at all”.

When phpBB 2.2 is released (not in the foreseeable future), we may upgrade, and then modify more responsibly. Until that time, I hope you will over look this problem. Like you, I’m not crazy about it