Price of Flash/Thumb Drive?

Hey techies, I need some opinion here. I should get a flash drive to back up my laptop real soon, something tells me it’s about to die within the next few months.

There is the SanDisk Cruzer Micro 1GB USB Flash Drive for $22.59 CDN (approx. NTD 635),
the SanDisk Cruzer Micro 2GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive for $39.99 CDN (approx. NTD 1125),
and the Memorex 2GB Mini USB Travel Drive for $39.74 CDN.

Are flash drives pretty much the same in terms of price and speed and function? I see the SanDisk and Memorex brands around, they seem pretty popular.

Are there big differences between brands and price?

If anything were to go wrong with the actual flash drive, what would they be?

If I were to keep all the info inside the actual flash drive, do I have to upload it to another computer right away?

Can I just keep stuff in the flash drive for months?

I am only interested in transferring photos, some written documents, and MP3 files. (But MP3 files are too many to count and they can always be downloaded again so it’s not a worry to buy a thumb drive that can hold all fifty million songs.)

I’d appreciate any input from more knowledgeable people. Thanks a rot.

PM me for the price of a flash, if that’s what you’re looking for. :howyoudoin:

Prices seem comparable with here.
I’d say go with a known brand and you’ll be ok.
Data can be stored for months no problem (but you know, you should always have a hard copy of anything REALLY important).
Never pull the flash drive out when it’s transferring info, cos if anything’s gonna bollox it, that’s it.

I believe there may be some issues with those Sandisk ones you mentioned. Do a search for that in the techie forum.

EDIT: Read this: … ht=sandisk

Yes, he flashed me once and yes, too, it was about the size of a thumb – yours, not his.

For three times the price of a 2 GB flash drive/card you can buy a 2.5 inch 80 GB HD, including a portable aluminum USB housing …

Yes, he flashed me once and yes, too, it was about the size of a thumb – yours, not his.[/quote]

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Silly me, I didn’t think of searching by the brand. From everything I’ve read on the net, thumb drive prices are all pretty even everywhere and you’re hardly going to buy a lemon from a decent shop.


Where I can I buy a Doraemon flash stick ? I’ve only see Hello Kitty ones but I want to buy a Doraemon one. Any ideas ?

You admit that in public? :slight_smile: If its not in the market then it ain’t available. The specialty ones come and go so keep looking.