Prices for random things in Kaohsiung

Hello guys. I am moving to Taiwan (Kaohsiung) this September. And I am trying to save as much money as possible now. Can you please advise how much money those things would cost me now in Kaohsiung:

  1. To buy a new\second hand bicycle. I dont need a professional one, just one which I can use to go around the city and in mountains (probably, but not sure if this is even possible). Just a decent one in the middle range price category.
  2. Gym membership (with weights, barbells and plates, to powerlift).
  3. Food per months.
  4. miscellaneous expenses (such as snacks, public transport, clothes, cinema etc).
    I just need an approximate understanding of how expensive life there is. Thank you.


I looked at this when I was getting ready to move, and would say the numbers track well with my very limited experience:

Awesome. Thanks for your help

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Snacks are around NT$30 a pack for Taiwanese size and NT$150 a pack for US size.

what about

clown size?

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  1. If you’re willing to go secondhand, you can probably find a bike in the 2k-3k range.

3+4. I average ~3000 per week on these things, and I reckon I’m in the middle of what’s possible. You can definitely go cheaper, but a lot of folks spend more.

I pay 780 a month for my gym membership. That’s for one of the smaller branches with just weights and cardio machines. Everything you need.
When I lived in Zuoying and went to the big branch there it was 1288/month. They have a basketball court, swimming pool, squash courts, steam room, hot tub, etc.

Hard to say. Do you cook? Only eat out? Ok with eating local food or want to buy western food? I spend around 7-8k a month on food. Most of that is on Costco trips and I cook at home. Occasional western meal out.

MRT is fairly cheap. When I take it I don’t think I ever pay more than 20-30 for a ride at the very most? I rarely take public transport though so I cant say for sure.


Thank you so much. Can you please tell the name of your gym.

Before buying a new/second bicycle , you can try the Youbike public bikes to go around the city

You can check more info in the following Topic


Fitness Factory. They have branches everywhere