Pricing at the food markets

I am puzzled by the pricing at the markets here. My guess was that they tag prices for 1 item or for a kilo, but now I have doubts. Vendors just weight the vegg and show you the price on the weights. But after I started double-checking the weight of my purchases at home, the weight was 20-40% less than I expected. The price just does not work as weight multiplied by the price on the pricetag. I tried different vendors. Either everybody is shamelessly cheating, or they have some local measure instead of kilo? Like ping for sq m. Maybe taiwanese market kilo is 650 g instead of 1000 g? Or shall I just take my own weights with me each time I go market shopping? How do you do that?

You win the prize. 600g = 1 jin. For 1000g it’s “gong jin”


So sad((( This means the prices are even higher than I originally thought(((( And they have been saying ‘kilo’ all the time…

look on the bright side, you’ve been eating less, kept weight down


Your calculations are indeed correct!

What stuff do you buy at markets? Veggies and fruit tend to be pretty cheap all year round in Taiwan, as long as you buy seasonal products.

This is partially a translation problem. I’ve heard a 斤 translated as a kg and have seen it written so in books.

No need to be catty.

I’ve never had any fruit or veg weighed at a market. I don’t recall ever seeing any scales. The pricing has always been per item.


Really? Fruit often is by weight.

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Yes, my mistake. Vegetables aren’t IME.

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I’m not sure. I’m less involved in that side of things. Sometimes I take an interest in fruit purchases

My friend’s family grow and sell guavas. Produce that is sold by weight is priced per Jin (600g)

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Why do they wrap guavas in that plastic wrap stuff? It’s so wasteful and unnecessary.

adds padding so they don’t become mushy?


I hope it’s biodegradable at least

It could stop mold from spreading if 1 guava is moldy it won’t touch the others?
I am just speculating.
Looks good to them?

To prevent bruising


But less exercise with all the dough gone from the wallet

To show they’re new! All new stuff is wrapped in plastic therefore all stuff wrapped in plastic is new!

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Plus they can put the rotten grimy looking part against the hard plastic shell, so you don’t know it’s going bad until you tear off the plastic at home.

If an excuse comes up to raise prices on produces, it will go up. Excuses can include typhoon, heavy rain, too little rain, etc.

They’re cheap when they’re cheap otherwise they’re more expensive than meat (more than 100nt per jing)