Pricing of fruits and produce

Is there a website that will show appropriate (seasonally adjusted) prices of fruits and vegetables? I just got here from the mainland and used to depend on such a website to get decent prices/value at the local fruit and veggie markets.

No. Go to any supermarket to get a rough idea. In markets, fruit price per jin is always marked clearly. Really varies. Expensive in Taipei, much cheaper outside. Even varies stall to stall depending on their sources.

No idea about veggies as I would never buy them from a market.

In general you don’t get ripped off here like in China (and you’ll reduce your chances by calling China China and not the mainland :wink:)

Why would you not buy veggies from a market? pesticides and chemicals?

rats, roaches, cat’s piss, and the all-pervading stench of may years of rancid chicken blood and fat soaked into the cement.

apart from that, they’re sometimes good.

Because they aren’t always traceable. People grow veggies in all manner of places they shouldn’t in particular alongside polluted rivers that flood every year dumping god knows what on the soil. There is also a severe problem now with illegal pesticides from China being smuggled in and mixed with the regular stuff. It’s bad enough that the American Chamber of Commerce, which laments the decline of the petrochemical industry in Taiwan, is worried.

And what uro said. I find traditional markets filthy places.

I only buy organic veggies or hydroponic now from reputable sources.

It’s really a good idea to go to some established supermarket (not the fancy ones that are in the department stores. They are usually super expensive!)
Supermarkets have decent price and their produce is usually nicer and cleaner.
check out these:

Hope they help!

The fruit in the supermarkets is usually not great, they store it for a long time. Purchasing fruit from fruit shops is the way to go.

Grow your own!

hehehe not bad idea! I am looking into hydroponics.

Seriously, there’s a lot you could do with a small balcony.

Ha! I just got it. “Fruits and produce,” right.

Ha! I just got it. “Fruits and produce,” right.[/quote]


Absolutely. If you don’t like your vegetables sprayed with cat’s piss or rotenone (not sure which is worse, frankly), and if your balcony gets enough sun and a bit of airflow, you’ll have no problem. Only thing I’d suggest is that you don’t attempt to do it with little plant pots. Think big. Go for a trough at least 30cm deep and 30cm wide. If you veggies don’t have enough root space they’ll be weak and prone to disease. This is also big enough to support an earthworm colony, if you’re lucky enough to find some. Arrange a tray underneath to collect water that drains through and make sure it gets re-used. I’ve heard it’s possible to shove large tree branches down through holes in the base of the trough into the tray and the water will wick up through the wood. Can’t say I’ve ever tried it though.

I’m building one on my balcony at the moment for stuff that needs to be on hand outside the kitchen (herbs, salad greens … things you can’t buy in small quantities or keep in the fridge).

Just bear in mind that earth is very heavy, so the trough (and whatever it’s standing on) needs to be very strong. You will also need someone to deliver earth - half a ton or more. Also, if you want to grow things in hot summer weather it’s best to grow a few climbers or taller plants that will provide shade to more delicate vegetables underneath.

I wouldn’t really recommend hydroponics - that’s pretty much what you buy from the market, so why bother? Anyway, it’s an awful lot of effort and expense.