Princeton Review Ad above quick reply box

Originally: Ads that make me sick

What’s with this…

above the quick reply box?

Banners are all very nice, but why give this place free advertisements on every page, that is unless they are paying for it. :smiling_imp:

The short reason: because we can

I offered it to them, and I’m glad to see that you noticed it :slight_smile:

And btw, No, they are not paying for it

Why does the ad make you sick?

Sick isn’t the right word, but… hey…

Are they going to do it for everyone?

How do you qualify?

Is it favoritism?

Isn’t it an ad, and as such belongs in the correct forum?
Advertisements seeking staff etc don’t belong on every page. I personally feel that it doesn’t sit well with the banner ad’s. It is not offering a service like Alleycat’s or the like, it is recruiting and it doesn’t sit well with me.

I agree Bassman…ads like that make me want to hork. The ad gives me the impression that it is a place where one could just go in, fuck around for a while, and get paid for it.

Well, with that cutey on the ad, I suggest a re-write:

Do you have a sense of humor, a great work ethic, and a desire to get laid? The Princeton Review Taiwan is currently recruiting for its new barbershop-English facility.

Banner policy – particularly for the new text ad areas – is not yet set.

Since the beginning, we put up ads that we thought were of value to the forum community, and for our friends. Our = the administrators and moderators of

Similar to our banning process, if an admin or moderator objects to a banner, we may discuss it internally. Basically, we’ll need a good reason why we would go back to one of our friends and pull an ad.

Bassman, your reasoning makes sense (now that I know what it is). I suspect Princeton Review’s ad will not be around forever.

Thanks for bringing this up.

Maybe it’s time for the ad to come down?

Yup, let’s replace it with Toe Save’s call for single men.