Princeton student accused of deporable crimes

Talk about an Asian fetish!

[quote]For the last three years, women were victimized and didn’t even know it - they were ingesting a stranger’s bodily fluids. Police are calling it a sex crime. The female coeds learning about the sexual perversity reacted in obvious horror. Michael Lohman, a 28-year-old Princeton grad student, admitted that he would fill small, plastic bottles with his own urine or semen and to later spray unsuspecting women or pour the bodily fluids into their beverages when they weren’t looking.

Princeton Township Police: “He would walk up, he’d put the bodily fluids into the drink and then he would walk away and observe them drinking it. He put the bodily fluids in the drinks at Fine Hall Library.” During a search of Lohman’s home police found containers filled with urine, as well as stolen underwear and gloves that were stuffed with human hair - all being used for sexual self-gratification.

Lohman targeted only Asian females. His wife - also of Asian descent - hid her face when leaving their apartment with his parents this afternoon. They didn’t want to say anything, but Princeton University administrators tell us Michael Lohman is being evaluated by a mental institution, and students should feel safe that he’s been arrested. Princeton University: “It was only recently that the scope of the investigation was widened because the perpetrator confessed to a number of incidents, which are now being investigated.”

Police are investigating exactly what motivated this bizarre behavior. Princeton University is hoping that any women who may feel that they were targeted by Lohman will come forward. Police think that Lohman is responsible for vilely victimizing about 50 women. [/quote]

Should you want to see images and video, they can be found here: … ndal.html#

Why am I posting this? Yeah, I know it’s disturbing, but I always find such weird articles to be interesting.

The guy’s sure got spunk.

Are you sure you mean that? After looking at the news reports all I see is that this was one seriously disturbed dude…

Are you sure you mean that? After looking at the news reports all I see is that this was one seriously disturbed dude…[/quote]
Never mind. I take that back. I looked at the link just now and he’s quite scary looking. What an unhappy ugly fellow.

It was a clever pun :notworthy:

ahhahaha, the pics are too funny, that guy could pass for a Taipei english teacher LMAO

Is anybody else getting sick of that stereotype?

Anyway I hope that guy not only gets some “corrective thearpy” but is seen to get some corrective therapy.

I feel so sorry for his wife. She has got to be so creeped out. I want to take a shower just thinking about being in her shoes. :raspberry: