Print your Digicam Photos at COSTCO for NT$3 each

I compared my neighborhood Kodak shop with Costco and found the same print better at Costco for about half the price. Check it out for yourself. Costco’s developing/printing services are cheaper across the board than others. NT$3 per 4x6 is quite cheap.

Oh yea, and the best part. The do it in an hour while you are shopping.

Thanks Hobart. I’’ be there. All 3 Costco’s?

I used to take pissy 300k (or so) pics when I had a 32meg card camera.

I now have a 512meg card and the 2.5 meg (or so) should print out okay.

Thanks! Do they have that service at the costco in Nan Kang?
I was going to buy printing paper and do it myself, but at those prices, why not get them done by someone else?

By Nankang do you mean Sijhih or Neihu. Hard to figure which one you mean since Nangang is right in the middle of the two locations. I am talking about the one in Sijhih, I would imagine it is the same at all of the COSTCO locations.

They do a good job, but if you don’t want them to play with the settings tell them not to make any changes. Their computer and sometimes the girls that work there, help you to improve your shots, but they won’t touch it if you ask them. I didn’t mention to them one way or the other and they lightened it up for me and looked pretty good for the not so important snapshots.

Thanks! I did mean the one in Shi Jr. God, there are so many spellings of Xizhi. I always forget which one to use. Hahaha
I went there yesterday and didn’t see the photo place.
Can you just give them your card? Or a CD? I would rather put it all on a CD

You can give them a CD or memory card, but I think the photos have to be in JPEG format. The photo place is near the eye glasses area not far from the entrance.