Printer for photo's/ a PC

I’m thinking of getting a new printer to print photo’s from my new digital camera so I can be independent and not rely on the photoshops.

1). Should I get one of the small ones designed exclusively for photo’s or buy one of the new printers that plug into a pc and make copies etc as well?

2). Do the more expensive models of printer produce better quality pictures?

3). How much should I spend on a good printer for photos?

I basically know nothing about all this - so any advice is welcome. Thanks!

Printing digital photos at the photo processing stores in Taiwan is so cheap that you are certainly going to pay more for ink cartridges and special paper, not to mention time spent than you would going to a store.

How cheap are we talking?

All depends on what type of quality you want. And if you want to do any editing. I prefer to do it all myself. And you sure don’t want to hand one of the shops any “special” images of your girlfriends. :laughing:

I answered your question here:

Most photoprocessing shops in Taiwan charge around TWD3-6 per 4x6 print.

I used to do my own prints with a nice dye sublimation printer, but the ink cartridges and paper ended up costing about USD0.50 per print and it would take for fricking ever to print. Now I just dump pics on a CD and take it to the shops. Saves me time and it’s cheaper too. (You can give them your memory card instead of a CD, but I’m paranoid about handing over irreplacable pics until I have my own copy.)

How do you think those websites get all those candid shots?