Printing High-Quality Brochures

My company is in the process of printing some high-quality, multiple-page brochures with the minimum order of 500. However, we would like to test a copy to make sure the images are clear enough, etc…

I am far from a guru when it comes to tech, but these guys are wanting to charge $12k without even offering up a sample printout. And all the ones we called say the same thing. Are there any print shops out there where they will allow us to do a sample print before we follow through with the bulk order. Basically these guys are saying that they can only do 500 at a time, and if there is a mistake due to font, graphics, etc., we must correct and pay for another full batch of 500.

Any advice??


i am not expert, but I do know that they make samples for their customers, they have to thats service.

Furthermore I think the MOQ for prints are 1000, never heard of 500 … thats the way it is.

Well shit, that is what I thought as well, but my assistant has been calling all day, but none of them will give a sample printout. And yes, most are only quoting 1000, but as this product is an advanced tech that will only be presented to 20 or so companies/gov. agencies in taiwan there is no need for 1k.

We actually only need a max. 100, but the price difference between 100 and 500 is only quoted as $1kNT so 500 it is. But damn, I want a sample before I put out the entire $12k.

Any numbers? We are searching for quality printing like the apartment pushers on the street.

Dunno. I can see their side of things: those machines are pretty big, so they set up the machine to print 1 copy. How can it be possible? Have you ever seen those machines? Either keep dialling or do test prints on a laser printer to see the results.

There is a copy shop in Tienmou who might do it: but I don’t know the name or number. Ask someone who lives there.