Printing photos from CD (in Taipei)

Got about 400 photos form my digital camera I want to print. Are most photo places set up so you can just hand them a CD and they’ll print? What does it cost? Anyone recommend a good one? I don’t want 400 shitty photos. Any chain particularly trustworthy? Looking for something in Taipei, preferably Guting, Shida, Taida area.


My good friend who was the Asian rep for Lomo cameras swears by the place on the south side of Xinyi Road just east of Anhe Road. He does all sorts of artsy-fartsy stuff that requires more expertise than the average photo lab can provide, and he says he’s never been let down by this place. I’ve been going there without complaint ever since he recommended it to me, but then again, my needs are much more plebian than his.

Are most photo places set up so you can just hand them a CD and they’ll print?


What does it cost?

Ranges of $NT3 - $NT6 a photo.

Anyone recommend a good one?

6 one way, half a dozen the other mate. Your digital camera does all the work. They’re all the same.

I don’t want 400 shitty photos. Any chain particularly trustworthy?

If you don’t want all of them, just write which ones you do.

Well the there is a corner Kodak place besides Watson’s on Shi Da road. They charge 5NT per picture if you bring over 100 digital pics to develop. I didn’t try them but I use their price for a reference.

If you walk down on Lung Chuan street (Shi Da Night market road) from Heping street to grandma nitties, there is a small photo place kinda after the Video store and before the road to Grandma Nitties. They have lots of sample Passport pictures in and around their little corner shop.

They charge 3.2 NT per pic but the picture is a little narrower than normal 4x6 pics. If you pick the normal 4x6 pics then the development process may cut off the North and South part of the picture so it comes at the cost visually. You may get heads cut off in the pic.

This is my only experience printing digital pics off the cd too. Any other suggestions would be welcomed.

sticks of fury, that cutting off of the top and bottom is probably due to not selecting the highest pix size on your camera setting. It was happening to me all of the time when I got my camera. If you haven’t already, change you dig cam image size setting to 2048x1536 or higher if you can.

Thanks for the info amos. Much appreciated. I was perplexed at the three options at the photo place. The three options did not include a normal size picture. I was like" what the heck??!!!"

Jazz on BaDe Road opposite TaiAn (Adventist) Hospital does a good job though perhaps you develop not all at the same time, just to be sure …

The 400 photos are the ones I’ve already picked (out of more than 1000) to print. When printing normal photos I have noticed quite a difference in printing off the same negatives. Sometimes the colours just don’t look good, so I take them to another place and pay again. I just don’t want to do that with 400 photos, which will be 1500NT or so. Thanks for the recommendations. I used to use this one:

until the time they wouldn’t give me my photos back, saying I hadn’t paid for them yet, until I finally managed to find the receipt - and then, no apology or anything. :fume:


Yeah, I know what you mean and that happens sometimes at Jazz, too. However they are much better than other shops I tried which produced prints that were generally poor quality and IMO unacceptable, even after reprinting some of them.
Initially I thought my camera was at fault but after trying Jazz they came out so much better. Guess that only leaves to pick out those that aren’t good and request them to correct it.