Printing shop in Taipei

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Does Taipei have anything like a FedEx Kinkos to get printing done at? I have a hobby making papercraft animals in my spare time.


Well every 7-Eleven is a print shop. Look for the Ibon station. If you need something better go to Taipower MRT and take exit 2. Cross the road and turn left. Walk 100m and turn right past an English school. There is a print shop on the left not too far up the road.

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This question would be helpful to me, too. I need to print off some tickets for flying home.

I see you say that every 7-11 is a print shop, but to be honest, I’ve been frequenting the Family Marts in my area.

When you say print shop, should I bring in documents on a thumb drive? An SD card? And how do you mean Ibon station?

Sorry if I sound naive; I’ve been in Taipei for 2 months and maybe I should know this, but I haven’t needed to print anything until now. Thanks!

The Ibon station is a touch screen computer thingy adjacent to a printer. I use it to buy my phone credit.

If you can’t follow the prompts on the screen, you can ask the 7-11 attendant 可以幫我列印文件嗎? If you can’t say that, you can hold up your USB and do some hand actions and make printing noises with your mouth.

They will push the buttons for you and then ask you to point at the document you want to print. Then pay at the counter and you’re off like hasselhoff.

SD, USB, and a few other formats. But it’s slow if you have a lot of papers to print and you can’t print anything but A4.

There is a real printer near taipower MRT. If anyone wants the address I can give it.

Mucha Man, an address would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone knows of another closer to Shilin or Taipei Main Station, that’d be great too!

Specifically, I’m looking for a place that can print A3 sized COLOR documents on good paper (not just plain ol’ copy paper). The color has to be accurate. Also, a place that can take my 14x17" pages and shrink them down to fit an A3 page without changing proportions.

I have recently printed in color on A3 paper at the Xerox Store at the Nangang Exhibition Hall. I know there are a lot of print shops near Taipei Main Station (close to the Buxiban area). They do color printing there, but I am not sure about the selection of paper sizes and qualities.

If you live nearby a university or could easily get to one, there are usually a couple printing shops nearby. Just walk around or ask a student. Students need to have their papers and presentation powerpoint files printed, so they are usually very close to the school gates. Whatever you need, they’d be able to do it for you quickly and cheaply.

My question is almost 3 years old now ;p.

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Hope you found your printing service all right three years ago. :slight_smile:

Since this has been bumped already - anyone know a print shop off of zhongxiao east road or around Xinyi district? I want somewhere that can give me some nice quality A4 paper and print double sided - 5 copies only.

I only have the document on email, so I can’t bodge it at 7-11!

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There is a Sir Speedy near the intersection of Hsinyi and Fuhsing (Da-an MRT Station) in Da-an District. From the Northeast corner of the intersection walk east (towards 101) and turn left (north) at the first lane. If you don’t see it on your right by the next alley, go back to Hsinyi and walk further east to the next lane. I believe there are only 2 lanes between Fuhsing and Da-an Roads.

Printing at major hotels should run you about 10x or 20x the cost per page. In Hsinyi District, there’s a business center in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt – left of the check-in counters when you walk in the main door. The W and Le Meridian should also have business centers that will over-charge you. There are 2 Regus Business Centers in Hsinyi (in the Manhattan building across Hsinyi from the Taipei International Conference Center and in the Citibank building across from the City Hall Eslite bookstore behind Taipei City Hall). Prices there should compare to the Hyatt, W, and Le Meridian.

There used to be a Sir Speedy between Sun Yat Sen Memorial and the City Hall area - but that seems to have shutdown some time ago (you could ask the people near Da-an MRT what happened to it)

There is a print shop open only during work hours behind Jen Ai Elementary School. From the Northwest corner of Hsinyi / AnHe Roads, walk one block west (away from 101) and turn right at the first lane – walk north to the end where one of the back walls of Jen Ai Elementary School is. On your left you will see a Montessori School with a purple logo that shows the Washington Sq Arch. The print shop is next to the school. I always think the purple logo belongs to the print shop.

Also, you might try googling “Co-working space Taipei” in case one of those will allow you to print cheap there. Let us know if any agree

Can you print A3 at 7 Eleven?

EDIT: Yes, you can.

Steps for printing using the Ibon Kiosk from 7 Eleven

More info

Also Family Mart can print A3 , also B4 and A4

Most convenience stores can do paper printing. For 3D printing, I can do that.