Printing Useful Info

Where you have the quote option in each piece of a thread could we also have a print option. I know I can press print screen and then print the resulting picture but a nice print link would be much neater…there is sooo much useful information here and sometimes a hard copy is just what is required plus of course we could print the thread where we hit 1,000 posts and other cool stuff.

Oh and if you are providing a Scottish flag option can we please have an England one? I don’t mind if you leave the Union Jack for the whole of Great Britain but if you are giving some countries a chance to opt out then I think it should be universal…especially with the world cup here I mean Scotland aren’t even in it!


Have you tried the “Print” link found at the top and bottom of discussions? This is the printer-friendly view and you can print out the entire thread in one stroke if you set things up correctly.

I thought there was a flag for Wales, and for England. If not, check the post the flags here or on the flag thread and we’ll see what we can do about adding them to the list

Printing the whole thread is not always practical as they can be very long. Sometimes all that you want is just one box of useful info.

Will try and find appropriate flags, thanks.

I couldn’t agree with you more. In Printer-friendly view, use the post numbers to identify which range of posts you are interested in printing. Or view them all and use your browser’s Print Preview to determine which page you want to print - then only print that page.

I’ve used both methods

Thanks, very useful.