Prison-raised free-range chickens prove a top seller


But are they truly free-range if in a prison? I think this needs further investigation.


Well, it is a minimum-security prison, so it seems to me the chickens and the inmates are both in the same boat.

There aren’t many chicken farms where the chickens are completely free to range …
Incidentally, I think this sort of thing is a very good idea indeed. Gives the prisoners something worthwhile to do, and presumably some modest part of the profits is passed back to them.


These chickens had a chance of being free range (within limits, but that applies to all of us). Then some do-gooder came and ruined their fun.


I’m glad you added that clarification.

That’s quite a detailed Wikipedia reference which I guess any story about chickens deserves.


There are very few instances of feral chickens, on account of their inability to survive in the wild. When humans die out a lot of domesticated animals will follow suit.


True. Chickens are daft as brushes. Their purpose in life seems to be to provide convenient meaty snacks for everyone else.


No Refrigeration required.


But look at Hawaii’s experience with feral chickens.


I could be wrong. Perhaps the future will be giant chickens. We’ve had giant killer birds in the past.


Great idea, good for the prisoners and at least the birds are better off being raised there than a factory farm :+1:


Sometimes I think this world is one big prison yard. Some of us are prisoners and some of us are guards.


Mostly yes but to different degrees, living up in the mountains is more of an open prison whereas living somewhere like Hsing Yi area is more of a closed prison, minus the leg chains , prison food and gang violence lol


The line comes from Dylan who stole it from Mayakovsky. Don’t think either of them had Xinyi district in mind. :sunglasses:


yeah well just cause i live in the mountains here so i feel relatively free there., I can for example take a piss on a tree, whereas in Hsing Yi area I think you’ll be detected for farting in public ha


It only takes one mad scientist with a genetic engineering toolkit. Just because we can, should we?


you need about 150 000US to do a basic DIY gene splice. 1. centrifuge 2. cutting enzymes 3. fridges, Electropheresis equipment, and most expensively a good flow hood and sterile room. I worked on splicing plants and bacteria many years ago. I could peobably get something basic up and running for 150 000 US per year for three years or so. Conventional breeding would take about 10. We are talking breeding new varieties of chicken right, not Anthrax or something lol?


Doesn’t CRISPR make it much cheaper now or same thing?


Ironic that the only free chickens are in a prison of men


oh maybe im not sure Ive been out of it too long. Just saying I could set up a non regulated lab to gene splice almost anything with anything for about 150 000 start up per year, but things can take longer with animals. One year for things like bacteria, yeasts etc and about 2 for plants
A PCR machine would be very helpful too


Yup. With frickin lasers on their frickin heads. Perhaps we can discuss this over drinks at my secret lair? The password is “Colonel Sanders”.

Incidentally, you spelled “electrophoresis” wrong. I hope you know what you’re doing. We would be extremely displeased if the product failed to function as intended.