Private CCTV


Does anyone have a private CCTV system in their house?


Interior? No. We have exterior cameras. I’d rather we didn’t, but we do.


Rip them out!


Yes interior, just wondering what a good budget system costs.


I paid 15k for 7 cameras with a backup server thing. I can use the APP to spy on my neighbors when I’m not at home. :sunglasses:

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We also have such a set up but only 3 cameras. I added port forwarding to router so we can use the app when on the go. It does not transfer anything to the cloud, etc.

We never really needed it. From occasional dog that tries to poop in our garden when the gate is open, there were no intruders. Our house is one of the nicest one in the neighborhood and we are the minority that does not have iron bars on windows. I am against those as there is no emergency escape otherwise (fire, earthquake).


I am looking for cameras inside my house lol.

When I get my APRC I want to tutor and you never know what you might be accused of.
Also, any thievery that takes place by a cleaner I hire and I am not there needs evidence too, or at least to deter thievery.

I don’t want a 24/7 system, just something I can turn on and something portable.

This cute boi looks pretty good.


I have a CCTV system
You can now find a cheap camera with the app for around 1000 NT$
You can see on your phone what is happening elsewhere
The camera is movable at distance using wifi
There is an alarm system, calling you if something appears on screen
Good quality of image with intelligent night vision
I bought it on Facebook market… But I am no more in touch with the seller
Brand: Neye3c
It looks pretty much like this one:


You do realize you ain’t in SA any more???


You can get your drink spiked too, it happened to a female tutor I knew. Let guys into her house to tutor one of them bought drink with him. The drink was spiked.


I only have spiked drinks.

On a more serious note, Xiaomi sells some cameras at fairly decent prices.

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Big Brother Xi is watching. :wink:


I’m using the IP wireless camera from Kguard Security…Currently, I have 4 cameras set up in different parts of my house. The system works good and the camera resolution is excellent with really good infrared night vision so you can see even if the room is totally dark. The camera app supports both Android and Iphone.
Here’s their website The QRT-502 is the one I’m using.


D-Link is Taiwanese brand.
Has all kinds of webcams you can hook up to Wifi and control thru D-Link app.


D-Link is a Taiwanese brand.
Has all kinds of webcams you can hook up to Wifi and control thru D-Link app.


Where did the English teaching raccoon try and touch you? If only you had some cameras to prove your innocence. :sunglasses:


Get one of these

All the other cams I seen look and feel a bit plastic and unreliable, and the software you use is subpar


Well, Kguard is also a Taiwanese brand…not as well-known as D-Link but it does get the job done.
It also hooks up to Wifi and you can control it through the Kview app.


lol… It’ll never leave me.
I still lock all my doors and windows at night and never leave my belongings alone in public.


This guy gets it.