Private Chinese Schools and Visa Extensions

I few months ago there were a lot of posts about the government stopping schools like TLI and Pioneer helping with visa extensions. It seemed like only paperwork from officially approved schools, ie. universities, could be used to extend a visa.

What’s the deal with this now? Can you get a visa extension on the basis of studying at TLI? Have the numbers of students at TLI and Pioneer etc dropped as a result of these new rules?

Hello … well, I hate to state the obvious, but why don’t you get in touch with these two schools and ask them your questions??

In this day and age, it would be expected that any respectable Chinese language teaching organization would have a website. In order to coordinate communication between prospective students and the school they will no doubt have an email contact address as well.

At some future date, if you have received some informative replies to your inquiries, please post them here for the benefit of the community.

I sent an email to TLI last week asking several questions, one about the visa situation. The reply I received pointed me to

The links in this website were helpful in detailing the visa application process, but not really forthcoming on the visa extension side.

I’ve sent another email asking for more info about that. I’ll post what they say when I get a reply.

I realize this thread is a little old… hope the OP got his answer.

Just wanted to add that I went to TLI a few months back and asked them if they do visa extentions. They beat around the bush a bit before finally saying that they can prepare the necessary [extension] paper work for you… (without saying much more).

I thought this was a bit misleading in retrospect, perhaps even dishonest – since whether the gov accepted TLI’s paperwork as legit or not was another story (something the TLI guys would not answer straight up.) Point being… a school offering paperwork for extension does not necessarily mean you’re gonna get the extension… beware of this sorta stuff.

I got a straight answer from the guys across the street over at Mandarin Daily News Language Center who said that extensions via schools such as TLI and MDN are no longer accepted by the gov.