Private Class 4 students aged 3-6

I’m going to be starting a new private class this coming Thursday and the students will be aged 3-6 years old. At this age two or three years is a big difference. I’ve taught kindergarten kids for about 6 years now and I’m kinda stumped on how I’m gonna keep the younger ones involved and learning whilst still keeping the older ones entertained and engaged. Any tricks any of you have for this kind of situation? All the students are starting from scratch as well, so we’ll be starting with “Hello” “Goodbye” “A,B,C”

Any input would be appreciated. If it’s negative however, please just don’t post.


The smaller kids want a lot of touching and sticking things into their mouth.
I’d just say hello a couple of times and then teach things like senses or body parts.
Maybe use some real fruit for cutting and tasting it.

Sweet & sour
A lemon and a banana.

Otherwise I’d be worried that next Thursday, I say hello and the kids reply “Goodbye” .