Private dermatologists

I have been getting acne recently, and this usually happens once every 2 or 3 months. Its not terrible, but noticable. I need 2 pieces of advice:

Next to my school is a clinic of some sort, and the people who work there pester me on the street to let me sort out my skin problem. They say I can’t use my Medicare card, so assume that they are just a salon that tries to create the impression that it is a professional private clinic (therfore trying to sell me needlessly expensive products). Any thoughts? (the place I speak of is on Cheng Gong Rd, Sec 3, Neihu, a near a branch of Hess and a big pet shop).

Also, I would like advice about skin care for oily skin. I try to wash my skin at least three times each day and I am using a brand of skincare products by “Nature”, but my skin still comes out in blotches. Any advice on a skincare product combo that won’t burn a hole in my pocket?