Private Health Insurance Taiwan Experiences?

I have NHI insurance, ARC, and long term Taiwan plans with hubby. I am mostly happy with NHI, but I am considering getting private insurance just in case of chronic disease or dismemberment by motor scooter suddenly occurs.

I have been doing some reading here and around other forums, most of the threads are out of date.

Does anyone have current and up to date advice or names of private insurance companies? Thank you!

I got mine with a local company -Nanshan- and I pay an arm and a leg due to previous conditions plus being overweight. If you are younger and in good shape, it should be reasonable. They have extensive coverage, mainly for the usual - medical treatment beyond NHI, private room and nurse/aide, and as you said, if you become sick/hurt and cannot work anymore, that is also covered.

I have a local one because I live here and I do not use international services. Maybe someone can pitch in with an update on international insurance companies.

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Thanks Icon. I will check it out. In the meantime, I have also heard that most banks in Taiwan offer packages of health and life. Any one out there try insurance from the bank?

@Icon I’m looking for a private one, with good coverage now. Do they cover optical care, and eyeglasses?

Unless its an operation, I do not think so. Glasses and eye care are covered by NHI, and yes, outside they range from very inexpensive to really fancy expensive. It is not like abroad, where dental upkeep is included in most insurance, as here dental care is still affordable.

What coverage are you looking for? Hospital care, liek private room, nurse, etc. is covered. as well as any extra medications, special stuff, etc. plus compensation for days off work.

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Well, I want get a new pair of glass (and sunglasses) and get my teeth checked. And if I can get a better coverage for any accident that might happened here.

The private insurance in my country can cover them, I was thinking to get the one at 9k TWD/month, but I need to wait 6 months before being able to go to check my teeth or buy glasses what’s a bit annoying. If there is any better solution in Taiwan …
And I don’t have NHI

Well, if you are in a hurry, even without NHI, glasses and teeth care is quite affordable here, though quality varies.

Sunglasses unless its Gucci they have a wide range of prices. I get mine at the hiking store, polarised, 700 NTD.

Yep, the best choice is to have NHI. It is a problem not to have it long term here. I would compare prices for private here and abroad and make the best choice. Here should be cheaper if you are not old folk with a bad ticker like me. But then they might ask whether you are a resident.

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Asked my agent and she said they do not provide glasses coverage nor has she heard of any private conmpany that does here.

Don´t know how much is your budget but the issue is that without NHI you´d be looking at 1000 to 2000 NTD tops, exam and lenses included. We have very nice ones in our office, all government entities have in house stores where anyoen can buy. Very affordable fancy stuff. Mine are Korean.

We are covered by Prudential in Taiwan in addition to NHI. Haven’t had to use their services, thankfully. You can check them out if interested.