Private insurance in Taiwan

My husband, kids, and I will be coming to Taiwan in the spring and my husband is going to be attending college for a few years (he has some credits so it won’t be the full 4 years). It’s my understanding that we’ll need private insurance in order for him to be a student there. Does anyone have experience with this or have any recommendations for a good (cheap) insurance company? We don’t have too many doctor’s visits, so we don’t need anything fancy.

Will he not have coverage through the college? I’d check that first (and see if all of you can be covered under that if possible).

Be prepared for more doctor’s visits that you are used to–the air quality will affect all of you for the first little while (1-2 years), and the kids’ bodies will need time to get used to the various bugs that go around there (which likely differ from what their bodies are used to already).