Private Mandarin Tutor Recommendations Wanted

Hello - Looking for recommendations for 1 vs. 1 Mandarin instruction. I’ll be making a significant investment in learning (~20 hours / week for 4 months) and am interested in purchasing 100 hr. blocks. If you have any experience with intensive private tutors, I’d love to hear about your progression as well as your tutors. I am specifically looking for skilled teachers who have experience with true beginners and are able to craft a curriculum, create lesson plans, and assign homework with a focus on speaking and listening comprehension. Thanks so much for your help!

Hi swammer,

I have sent you a PM with more details. My company offers one on one instruction via Skype, or at our office in Taichung. The sessions can be based around general conversation, our online course or the same PAVC book series that local university language centers use.

This approach works well since it combines one on one instruction with resources and materials that you can work with on your own. Several forumosans here have been learning from us, and have nice things to say about the program.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, appreciate the note. I neglected to mention that I was looking for tutors located in Taipei. Apologies for the oversight.