Private schools in Taiwan? Salary?

What is the going rate of a salary for a private school in Taiwan per month in NT? Am thinking of moving back to Taiwan…

Teacher qualifications: US state teaching license, two undergrads (biology and education degrees) TEFL certificate, M. Ed, IB (International Baccalaureate) certifications (foreign passport holder)

Are there good IB schools in Taiwan? If so, which one/(s) would you recommend? Are there any bilingual schools?

Thanks in advance.

Wow, a search would do you good. This has been discussed to death recently.

Thanks! Did a search and the info did not look too recent.
Also, could not find info about IB schools.

Bilingual schools, elementary, junior high and senior high are all over the place. The big one up North is Kangchiao. Everyone pretty much copies their way of doing things. Most other schools are spin offs of them.

Up North the other big ones are Wego and Yuteh and others. Anyone else want to add to the list?

Okay, thanks, will look up them up. Appreciate your help!


Thanks, this is very helpful!

I often see vacancies in bilingual schools advertised in Hsinchu. Not sure why there seem to be so many there.

Perhaps it’s because some foreign teachers do not want to work in these schools
due to their working conditions.

How many dead threads about public/private schools do you intend on necromancing?