Private Swim Lessons for 6 and 3 yr olds

Hi, we will be visiting Taipei for a little over a month. My 6 yr old is on a swim team in the States and my 3 yr old is doing great with freestyle and backstroke and just starting breast stroke so I want to keep everyone’s momentum going.

Does anyone know of a private swim instructor in the Xin Yi area? What pool would we be able to goto? The Daan Sports Center?

Kids presumably speak Mandarin? Otherwise the problem gets harder.

Sounds like your kids are pretty serious swimmers - programs Da’An Sports Center are kinda sloppy IMO. There’s a reasonably serious-looking swim program running at the pool of LongMen middle school on the corner of JianGuo S. Rd & XinHai rd - you could try them - definitely Mandarin only though.

I’m taking my 2YO over to the pool at Far Eastern Hotel for some private lessons - report back on satisfaction.

My school sports centre facilities are not bad.
Although I’ve never used the pool, my peers say it’s one of the best in the community. As for coaching in English shouldn’t be a problem, I guess? You could try your luck to ask them about it.

Here is the website:
(But it’s all in Mandarin, we only have English version for the main NTU site.)
Address: NTU SPORTS CENTRE Taipei City, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road
Tel: 02-3366-5959 (once again, if just the normal staff, perhaps they can’t converse in English, if it’s students on duties, they might converse in English with you)
So your best bet is to email them~

Hope this helps :slight_smile: Enjoy your month here~

There is a foreign lady that is offering swim lessons and is working with quite a lot of kids. Her Facebook page is here and she’s offering a free trial lesson. … ref=stream

Thank you for your responses - I will look into all of these!