Private vs Non Profit Kindergarten

I’m paying on average about $10,000 NTD per month for private local kindergarten. The program is okay.

I applied and got accepted to a non profit kindergarten (非營利幼兒園) through the city of Taoyuan. How much can I expect the tuition costs will be? And how is the program of these kindergartens? Do they have the same school time as a private ones?

You probably shouldn’t be posting here if you’re in kindergarten.


I’m guessing pin2xbo has a child who is a kindergarten student.


How did you get accepted into that? I assume it’s one of those government kindies.

I believe it’s around 3,000NT a month. I don’t know about the school times. All the teachers are properly qualified.

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Lol… it is for my kid.


So for my case it is $3500 per month… But next school year will be $2500 per month? Sorry my chinese depends on google.

Yes. They just opened the registration. It is supposed to be very competitive. But will have better chance if the kid is 5 years old.

My wife and I didn’t even bother trying. We assumed we had no chance.

You should!

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It’s something worth considering.


If both parents are foreigners, $6000.

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