Privates, cancellations and prepayments

I’ve never really taught privates, because I’ve always had enough block hours, but I want to start. Just a few questions for those of yu with experience.

About what percentage of classes get canclled? Different for kids/adults?

Do you get prepayment and then how much in advance?

What do you do about cancellations with or without notice? Do they still have to pay?

If you get sick or can’t help an absence, do you refund, make-up or compensate some other way?

How does this sound?
3 months payment in advance.
1 free cancellation in those three months (refunded or made-up) as long as the teacher is notified.
Other cancellations not refunded.
If the teacher cancels once in that period he will make-up or refund depending on choice of student.
If the teacher cancels more than once he will refund and give a free class.

Sounds good if you can get the students/parents to agree on it.